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Who we are

WATERDALE Products is an emerging consumer brand of Dolphin Products who is one of Australia’s leading privately owned plastic component manufacturers. Established in 1946 Dolphin Products has been designing, tooling and manufacturing high precision injection moulded plastics for over 70 years

Waterdale Products consists of innovation and intelligently designed products. The development of our product range is strongly influenced by functional, durable and inspired styling that stands apart others in the market.

All products that we produce are fun, vibrant in colour and functional to meet our customer’s needs.

Quality is a way of life for the Waterdale Products as we are, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801 certified.

WATERDALE products, Australian Designed, 100% Australian owned

Why choose us?

Customer Support

Waterdale believes the key to success lies our ability to supply our customers with the highest quality products. If you need our help we promise we will be there for you!

For customer support please call (+613) 9455-4500

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  • I’ve been using Gotcha Pegs for a few months now, what a sturdy well designed peg, nothing like it on the market, great colours, I love that they allow me to hang additional items and they work well on all types of washing.

    Jacqui, Victoria

  • Love the colours, and strong grip holds up in winding conditions, yet easy to open, I think the hook for the bra straps is great, it’s certainly an excellent space saving idea.

    Megan, Victoria

  • Just love how strong they are to hang the work clothes and heavy overalls, keeps towels on the line on a windy day. Also, great that you can hang extra clothes on the clothes line when you run out of room. “Great Idea”

    Sam, Victoria

  • Gotcha Pegs work well when its windy, they don’t fall off the line, also when it raining and the clothes get heavy. I also believe they would be great for camping & caravanning as they won’t break.

    Mary, Victoria

  • Gotcha Pegs works well on thick denim jeans as well as cotton sheets, holds well in windy conditions (most important). Maybe a bit chunky but still easy to use, very impressed with how well they hold the clothes and not a lot of peg marks. Also I like that you can see that product inside the packaging.

    Helen, Victoria

  • Worlds best peg, looks strong, grips really well great quality, and space saving ideal for me who has limited clothes line space.

    Trish, Victoria

  • I feel like this is a wonderful design compared to the usual plain pegs we normally see. Fantastic design, colourful and looks great.


  • This peg is very well made, easy to use and great value for money. Great packaging, bright & colourful with detailed explanation of usage. “Eye catching”

    Nick, Victoria